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Test Demo Ski Equipment

The highest quality skis on the market, exist in our Test Demo category which is constantly changing throughout the season. Here is a small selection of what we are starting with this winter.

Elan Ripstick 96 Black Edition




The highly praised Black Edition of the Ripstick 96 has the addition of a carbon layer increasing the ski’s energy, rebound and stability without increasing the weight. Distinctive upgrade on the already hugely successful Ripstick range from Elan.

Stöckli Stormrider 95




High end Swiss hand-crafted perfection in performance, skis just simply don’t get better than what Stöckli produce. All mountain to freeride are the domain of the Stormrider and the 95 is the most versatile of the three Stormrider versions.

Stöckli Laser SC




The perfect companion for athletic days on the slopes. No matter if its steep or flat pistes, hard or soft surfaces, fast or easygoing runs … this all-rounder is designed for a wide range of use. It ensures maximum performance and the utmost in fun. A variety of technological features means this ski will look great and perform even better in any situation.

Stöckli Laser MX




Stöckli has unveiled the first ever Laser ski designed exclusively for women.
It’s lightweight agility and perfectly tuned geometry lend the new MX to impress both on the slopes and skiing back country. Playful with easy handling are the MX Laser’s qualities.

Elan Delight Black Edition




Inlaid into the top sheet of the Elan Delight Black Edition are actual Swarovski crystals. While they don’t add anything to the performance, they do set off the black top sheet with a bit of bling. Aimed at the advanced to expert female skier, Elan took its already excellent Delight ski and ramped up the stability, edge hold and dampness by adding carbon. With a 78mm waist, this is an all-mountain ski that prefers the piste.

Elan Amphibio Porche Design




Elan collaborated with Porsche Design for the new Porsche Design Elan Amphibio Like all Porsche Design, it boasts a high level of technological innovation and seamlessly combines intelligent functionality with puristic design. It is a high performance piste machine, sleek, all-black and made for expert skiers who demand ultimate performance, style and functional design on the slopes.

ZAG H-96




Developed in the Chamonix Mont-Blanc Valley, the H-96 provides the comfort, safety and stability in a variety of mountain situations. A very manoeuvrable ski in small or large turns on piste, the H-96 will also be able to adapt to softer conditions all around the mountain. An ultra-versatile ski for skiing in the resort, power, performance and stability in all types of snow.

Völkl Deacon 76 Pro




This is Völkl’s highest level product outside of its race program. A real luxury ski that is best suited for aggressive skiers who want to push the ski to its limit on a hard surface. This stiff-tailed ski is designed as real cruiser and it loves long fast turns.

    Initiation Ski

    Initiation packs from €68*

    Leisure Ski

    Leisure packs from €88*

    Dynamic Ski

    Dynamic packs from €120*

    Premium Ski

    Premium packs from €150*


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    *Pack prices are based on a 6 day rental for skis & boots only

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